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He performs some surgeries at home where he has his own operating room, but he more typically travels the world to meet his patients. In the story, B.

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Black Jack agrees and leaves but meets with her one last time to perform the operation on her brother after he is hit by a truck. Black Jack himself denies these claims and often tells her she is his daughter.

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He also always ensures that his patients recover completely. While his preference in food is never mentioned, he is often shown eating curry or tea over rice chazuke. In one instance, he operates on 40 patients simultaneously.

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Retrieved August 2, Hobbies and habits[ edit ] Black Jack usually drinks tea or coffee with his rice when he goes to a poor house, and eats curry at restaurants. While he does not state it, he does refer to her as his wife. He'd leave the scene after being spotted, with an announcer saying "Itsuji Itao presents: She later had her prosthetic stolen but refused to retrieve them.

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Black Jack is also known to use his tools for self-defense, showing himself to be capable of clogging the barrel of a gun with a scalpel from some hit casino privilege. Among these were Ichigahara [7] and Takuzo Ubamoto. Nonetheless, there are times he does seem to respect her feelings.

Black Jack gives much of the money he earns to charitypaying for other doctors' surgeries as well as his own, and buying up land to protect nature from commercial development.

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Overall, it is evident he does love her but his feelings don't seem to go beyond a paternal love mainly because of her body and childish personality. Later, when Black Jack visits the grave of a fellow surgeon on a remote island to pay his respects, he meets his colleague's sister, Dr.

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Black Jack, however, believed she was better with her original face and due to interference by Suginami's manager, she is forced to leave and give up on Black Jack. He even went to jail a few times.

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Dead a bear in Volume 7 Chapter In the end, Black Jack is capable of great kindness as well as brutal cruelty. If his customer objects to the hand print, he leaves it in the attic. However, he charges all of his patients shockingly large sums from 10 million to black jack manga ending of yensometimes even causing them to jump out of their clothes in surprise in the manga.

Surgical skills[ edit ] Black Jack is a highly skilled doctor, able to handle scalpels and other medical tools quickly and precisely.