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Guns and vodka slot machine, there...

Fashion Aficionado 20 points: An orange man with a beard is killed when Red hits him in the head with shotgun, breaking it into pieces on contact Flame War. A Tyrannosaurus Rex is killed with a futuristic gun by Red after he travels to the future Steakosaurus.

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Blue, a calm guy who's the complete opposite of Red. A woman is accidently killed when Red shows her Kitty Amazing, causing he heart to literally melt Kitty Amazing.

In The Fart Knight RisesRed as Batman, we see that he owns a giant floating ship, which he used mostly to see boobs. Some more people are presumably killed by Red during he and Blue's trip home. You only get the "Zombie Genocide Master" achievement for killing 72, zombies, unlike in the original Dead Rising where you got the Mega Buster for killing 53, zombies. Red sure knows to teach kids to be cool just like himself.

And Red goes guns and vodka slot machine to kill him in almost all of his appearances in the show. Give Katey a gift. Stacy Stacy is Red's main girlfriend. TK's Favorite 20 points: In simple terms, Red might be an alien.

Two strippers froze to death when they gave a frozen Red a lap dance Snowjob.

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One is whacked in the head with an umbrella, making him crash. Another crashes into a stand, and another is killed when Red kicks him off his bike, making it smash and kill him. Finally Full 20 points: He, guns and vodka slot machine the inside, is a very kind person and he cares so much about the people he loves.

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A fat WoW fan presumably dies from cardio or depression after Red crashes the internet lokking for "the perfect boobs" Modern Flame War 3. In "Attack of the Pwns", Red let Blue live and took the 2 jet packs with him to get out of the escape pod before they died a firey death in the sun but once they ran out of gas, he left him there to die.

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Then, defeat Ted without hitting Snowflake in the process. Gelato Bete is killed when Red flips a switch that makes a large crate fall on top of him Pleasure Cruise.

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Look at all that juice! Everyone in a church is brutally slaughtered by Red with a katana Lord Tourette's Syndrome. However, Ed and Zack have stated that Red is not an alien but didn't come from Earth. Apparently, he owns a katana, a hand gun, ninja stars, and a pump shotgun, as they are always usually in his possession.

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Stick 'em up 20 points: It is possible this list will expand in the show's future as Red continues stacking bodies. Red can grow his arm twice as long than a normal character, as seen in Kung Fu Winners.

He can get on Blue's nerves sometimes, but he is always there for him and is guns and vodka slot machine a good best friend for him for a reason that Red himself has said more than once in the series: Red has the most references given to him.

A knight of some sort is ripped in half Flame War. Give your bike a custom paint job.

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Repeat this process until you get the "Zombie Genocide Master" achievement. Then, restart the story you will still keep the SUV key. He pays the Fat Ugly Girl to break Jason's heart to show to Blue that he's an asshole and Red and Blue became best friends again Red punches Blue in the face as a gesture of forgiveness.