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Authorities have described Stefano as an associate of New York's Gambino crime family. Ina Louisiana company that prosecutors said was a Mafia front was charged with skimming profits from the state's video poker machines. He scammed gamblers and prostitutes while working the floor at the Tropicana Hotel and Casino. Colorado Avalanche, Denver Nuggets Conn.

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Petersburg Times IL - At the time, the board alleged that Emerald executives Donald and Kevin Flynn had lied to Gaming Board investigators and that some shareholders had ties to the mafia. The casino carried the brand name of actor Chuck Norris, but Brotherton says it was controlled by Russian mobsters.

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Drumm was ready to tackle the underbelly of Connecticut's liveliest little city, where up to 60, free-wheeling gamblers party around the clock every day. Breton be placed on the so-called "exclusion list.

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Both men have prior arrests and have extensive organized-crime ties, according to the petitions filed yesterday. Authorities believe that the men now work as independent "wiseguys," con men who travel the country and make their living through illegal gambling, cheating and theft.

Justice Department attorney to steal an Internal Revenue Service investigation file on a Detroit Mafia captain and his son. Newspaper advertisements for escort services -- many of which are run by gangs -- tripled during the casino's first year of operation.

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Wednesday when he heard several loud noises, said Lt. Police claim these businesses serve as fronts for prostitution. State gaming officials have confirmed that the FBI is investigating allegations of illegal money lending at the casino's card room that might charles roulette organized-crime figures.

A Massachusetts man who had been the subject of a state police investigation for nearly a year was arrested early Tuesday at Mohegan Sun Resort Casino, accused of taking advantage of Asian American casino patrons by offering loans at high interest rates under the threat of physical harm if the loans weren't paid back in full if the loans weren't paid back, records show, Lin would make harassing phone calls or visits to those who owed the money, often threatening to send an Asian American gang called the "Black Society" after them.

They include allegations the mob tried to invest in three Nevada casinos, charged a "street tax" to bookies and persuaded a former U. Dillard, who has been investigating Ted Binion's former casino executive slaying for his estate, The tribe's main investor partner, Nii-Jii Entertainment, became a liability, Apesanahkwat said.

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Federal prosecutors locally have only gone after individual mobsters in the past, but this time they'll try to show a jury how the entire family operates, Zuckerman said.

Ironically, given the attitude of Las Vegas toward the Mafia, many of these men are criminals.

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One of the links was to the Genovese crime syndicate, arguably the most powerful one in the nation.