Hp 2920 reboot slot,

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This means you do not have to erase the current image at the destination location before copying in a new image. When you copy the flash image from primary to secondary or the reverse, the switch overwrites the file in the destination location with a copy of the file from the source location.

Collecting processor data with the task monitor (CLI)

When entering a reload at or reload after command, a prompt will appear to confirm the command before it can be processed by the switch. To copy a software file between the primary and secondary flash locations, See "Copying a switch software image from one flash location to another", below.

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This command deletes the software image file from the specified flash location. The process automatically overwrites the previous file with the new file. In the unlikely event that the primary image casino pocatello idaho corrupted, as a result of an interruption, the switch will reboot from secondary flash and you can either copy the secondary image into primary or download another image to primary from an external source.

Flexible and Scalable Access Layer Switches

Instead, immediately download another valid flash image to primary or secondary flash. This is useful for troubleshooting. A detailed summary hp 2920 reboot slot traffic on a selected port or trunk group. If you want to remove an unwanted software version from flash, HP recommends that you do so by overwriting it with the same software version that you are using to operate the switch, or with another acceptable software version.

Instead, a reload at 1: Boot and reload command comparison The switch offers reboot options through the boot and reload commands, plus the options inherent in a dual-flash image system.

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Attempting to copy from a source image location that has a corrupted flash image overwrites the image in the destination flash location. Clears specific trunk counter information since the trunk was formed.

Switch software downloads

HP Switch boot system flash secondary Then erase the software image in the selected flash in this case, primary: You can also reset the counters for a specific port. For example, suppose you have just downloaded a software upgrade that includes new features that are not supported in the software you used to create the current startup-config file.

See the Note, below.

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It is not necessary to erase the content of a flash location before downloading another software file. The data is for a specific trunk. Accessing port and trunk statistics Menu From the Main Menu, select: The CLI lets you see a static "snapshot" of port or trunk group statistics at a particular moment.

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Image does not exist Operation aborted. If no parameters are entered after the reload command, an immediate reboot is progress slot machine. Both the boot command and the reload command will reboot based on how ivey sues london casino hp 2920 reboot slot have been selected.

High Performance and Power at the Edge

Provides traffic details for the ports you specify. The local commands described here are for flash image management within the switch.

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First verify that a usable flash image exists in hp 2920 reboot slot flash. Displaying trunk load balancing statistics To display trunk counters information since the trunk was formed with the given ports.

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In this case, the switch will not have a valid flash image in either flash location, but will continue running on a temporary flash image in RAM. The scheduled reload feature removes the requirement to physically reboot the switch at inconvenient times for example, at 1: To reset the port counters to zero, you must reboot the switch.

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In this case, the software simply assigns factory-default values to the parameters controlling the new features. Generally, using boot provides more comprehensive self-testing; using reload gives you a faster reboot time.