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The stack of letters was still sitting in the front seat of her car. All of a sudden, a scream came from the audience.

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As the anticipation began to peak, hundreds of people amassed inside Fantasy Springs Resort Casino and gathered around the game stage on Saturday night, October 29th to look on as one lucky player would receive the keys to a is gambling legal in guyana new Lotus Elise in the Off to the Races Lotus Giveaway.

It seemed clear she knew what she was doing, as this was not the first time Carol has won a jackpot. That meant she had five minutes to get to the game stage and play for a chance to win the brand new Audi A4.

David says he will be back to Fantasy Springs Resort Casino to see if his luck follows him a third time.

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For her, the first time was a charm. This was the first ever jackpot for the Santa Ana man who says he didn't even realize he fantasy springs casino california the big winner.


He is excited for the money, but he has no big plans for it at the time other than to pay his bills. Local regular Alwyn K. Her luck continued through to the Saturday during the grand finale drawing.

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This made her eligible to come back to play for the shiny new audi A4. After earning two qualifying chances to become eligible for the Rolling out the Range Rover Giveaway, Ramon won his biggest jackpot to date.

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It was Elizabeth exclaiming that the wheel landed on her number. Congratulations to Rick B. The landscaper from Desert Hot Springs says this is the first time he's ever won at a casino and plans to put the cash towards buying a house. Wait, how much did I win? Louise heads to Fantasy for fun a few times a month and says she has hit a couple other jackpots here as well.

The crowd watched in baited anticipation to see where the wheel would stop. She was gambling with free-play cash on the Superball Keno game when she won. Miguel says he sat at the penny slot for just 5 minutes when the rows aligned, sweetening the pot quite a bit.

She says she was only at the machine for 15 minutes when she hit the jackpot and plans to come back to Fantasy Springs and play more with her winnings. The next time Elizabeth W. On her final bet of the hand, she was dealt a royal flush, the best you can get. Tara says she visits Fantasy Springs Resort Casino about four times a year to get away from the hustle and bustle of L.

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His entire family was there to cheer fantasy springs casino california on which made it even more exciting. She said it was hard for her to believe it, though she said she can definitely roulette bruce springsteen wiki the money and will probably give some of it to her children.

She planned to use some of the money to pay bills and to save the rest. On one of his plays, the symbols on the video reel slot lined up in the correct combination to bestow him with grand! That meant he won the entire progressive amount, all because he had bet an extra dollar.

Every keychain was tagged with a number that corresponded to a space on the giant prize wheel. It was only her second visit to Fantasy Springs and she had only fantasy springs casino california here an hour before Michele B.

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You could be the next big jackpot winner at Fantasy Springs Resort Casino. He and his wife already planned a trip to Antigua, a trip she bid on while attending the Frank Sinatra Celebrity Invitational at Fantasy Springs in February Even with the flashing lights and ringing bells of a jackpot, Jane H. Her daughter manages a local medical clinic and according to Carmen, needs to drive to San Diego twice a month for her job.

He plans on paying off his car with his most recent jackpot.

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He stopped into Fantasy Springs Resort Casino on December 22nd for an evening of entertainment on the casino floor one last time. With a shiny fantasy springs casino california convertible to put in the driveway just in time for the holidays, Eugenia said she plans on enjoying it with friends and family.

She said her family will have an even better holiday season with a few more gifts this year.

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She said she plans on buying a Kindle with the Best Buy gift card.