UK slot racing festival comes to British Motor Museum

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Plus, of course, spectators, hay bales, oil drums, hedges, barriers and buildings of all shapes and sizes, are there to really make your circuit robin thicke casino niagara alive. More than thirty years of catering for the most seriously addicted and still going strong! The important thing is to enjoy the hobby and realise that that one elusive car may always be out of reach Nick Thrower lights the blue touch paper on these blurred bolides.

UK Slot Car Festival Location

You have the chance to compete on these stages for free and win prizes! Both of these shows are often repeated on television. Chassis is plastic card. Rebuilt from a very rough Airfix body. We have of course supported similar events in the past in our capacity as the only UKbased slot car collectors club, a position we have held for over thirty years. Ric Woods looks at track titivation, from the cheap and cheerful to the expensive and even more cheerful!

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Make a list and stick to it! Plymouth Barracuda by Pete Shepherd. I recently lost my entire collection database because my laptop was stolen!

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All information should be verified before being acted upon. Well done to Alan Shawe for winning 3rd in Concours for his Alfa. The Club came about from very simple beginnings, originally formed in by a small number of collectors with a common aim of promoting the hobby of slot cars generally, although back then it was largely Scalextric as the dominant manufacturer in the market.

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Mark Slade charts the rise of the manufacturer which has become the household name of slot car racing. In my experience this is not the case most of the time.

Find a format for listing your collection and stick with it. The NSCC is here to help.

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The stages or tracks at each event vary considerably, ranging from simple made- 11 Above: Some cars never come boxed — set cars, for example, are often in unique liveries but come loose in the set.

Track Room — more jena choctaw pines casino number layouts to test your skills. Our aim is to showcase all aspects of the slot car hobby in an environment that can be enjoyed by the whole family.

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