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While some games can be played starting from a stake of Sri Lanka n Rupees 1, and going up to an amount in the millions; some start even as low as Rs 1. They also strive to make their weekends special with a number of alluring dance performances and other such entertainment. Friendly staff, explains everything in detail. Larger meals such as breakfast, lunch or dinner can be taken from the restaurant nearby.

It caters to mid stakes clientele. Loads of Gaming tables. Getting the card took a bit of time, but you can play while they fill out your paperwork. The service of the hotel does not disappoint. Registered inLakpura has been in operation ever since and has been accredited by the Tourism Development Authority of Sri Lanka.

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The creamy cushioned leather chairs, red and gold carpets, beige and orange walls, golden lighting and smartly dresses staff all add up to that understated effect of luxury. Players are treated to complimentary drinks of their choice along with complimentary snacks served right to the table.

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Interesting singing and dancing performances - all of which were done fully clothed. Keep it up Bally's!

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Always buzzing with action. One card for a group of people is sufficient. They also have some good music playing in the background and you can also catch some live performances if you're lucky. It is also one of the very few high stakes casinos currently existent in Colombo. Lakpura LLC Sit back relax and enjoy your holiday to the very best. As such patrons from the hotel usually receive a small voucher when ballys casino colombo membership the casino from the hotel; and alternatively foreign patrons coming to the casino are encouraged to spend their stay at Colombo at Kingsbury.

These include over 99 table games such as the ever popular Blackjack, Baccarat, Asian Poker, Texas Hold-em-up, Roulette, an online casino, and many more; slot machines starting from a single rupee SLR1. It's required to get a membership card to enter, a process which is free but requires a passport.

They also had some This casino only has two blackjack tables despite its size.

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The staff was Curt and well-behaved and promptly answer your queries. Must visit even if you are not a casino freak. Can reserve table and play with a closed group, I Very smokey atmosphere, everyone seems to be so bu They have continuous musical and dance performances. I would definitely head back to this place whenever I'm back at Colombo.

I tried Roulette in Goa and Melbourne, but this is the best Casino I visited till date, Winning chances are comparatively higher than other 2 casinos mentioned. Their responsible gaming policies that advise patrons against obsessive betting, speaks on these dangers and tells visitors to use the money allocated for leisure and not daily essentials at home.

For ballys casino colombo membership, pilot black jack is so welcoming. They have a large selection of drinks and food and will take you home at the end of the night.

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Dances, live music, drinks, food. It was not so great experience, maybe because i was not sure if to play or not. One is the Bellagio, which is located at Duplication Road.