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You download the template that I made for the buttons here: You may not cover it up with text, clip art, etc. Dice and card props are easy to come across. Poker Hand Printable pdf I also made these cute dealer buttons for the games. Then I threaded black and red curling ribbon through the hole in the treat bag and the tag, knotted them, and curled the ends.

Casino nights can be a lot of fun to attend and to host, and if you keep things simple you will ace this themed party. To get things rolling pun intended!

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I designed the text, then printed it on white cardstock post cards. To give your guests a break from the casino games a photobooth with a sparkly backdrop would be a fun addition.

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I printed out the stickers and stuck them to chips. The border is sized to work with 8. I did it while watching TV and it went really fast.

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Play for bragging rights, or organize prizes or a trophy. Choose one or two to play at your party. If you don't have a PayPal account, it will be sent to the email address you specify when you order.

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The Games Blackjack, poker, craps, slots, and roulette are the most popular casino games. Free Borders The free borders may be used for personal, educational, and charitable purposes.

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If you try any of these ideas for your party, let me know! As a savvy diy hostess I know food prep is part of the fun, and a quick search on Pinterest brings up lots of cute finger food in a casino theme. The Outcome You can make the night as friendly or competitive as you like, and have the games last the entire night, or just run them for a portion of the night.

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These poker hand cards were by far my favorite DIY for the party I even made sure there were enough left over to keep free casino themed printables the poker table at our house! I finished it by wrapping a piece of black ribbon around it and adding one of the personalized poked chips.

The Food In keeping with the Vegas theme, an all-you-can-eat buffet would fit in well, and is easily achieved if everyone brings a plate.

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We are unable to assist with editing the borders, troubleshoot printer issues, or help with any similar issue. I turned this into a pdf printable that you can download and print here: I used clear cellophane treat bags and placed casino operator uk the number of dice for the game 5 for Liar's Dice, 2 casino rayon bio Craps.

Slots mod aptoide I decided to design my own. If you prefer to not have a watermark, you need to purchase the premium version. If you use the free version of the border, the watermark must remain visible.

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The border is delivered as a zip file with the following file formats: