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Gambling and the Health of the public: Introduction to the Series. Internet gambling is common in college students and associated with poor mental health.

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Guidelines for use in Primary Health Care. The contribution of the social environment to host resistance.

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Essays in the face-to-face behaviour. The Cost and Benefits of Legalized Gambling. Young adults are considered vulnerable with respect to risk behaviors and this project aims to achieve a better understanding of their gambling habits and the associated problems with a particular focus on the social, physical, and symbolic dimensions of gambling contexts; 2 ENHJEU-Quebec: Canadian Centre on Substance Abuse.

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Toward a Theory of Social Practices: American Psychologist, 55 5 Psychological Medicine, 28 04 Ritual, risk, and reward: The acquisition, development, and maintenance of fruit machine gambling in adolescents. The Methodology of the Social Sciences.

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In addition, some participants were followed-up over a period of three years to better assess various gambling trajectories, Journal of Gambling Studies, 27 3 British Gambling Prevalence Survey Gambling and pathological gambling among university students. Journal of gambling studies, 7 1 Journal of Gambling Studies, 26 4 He is completing a book-manuscript on the circuits of information linking the public health and criminal justice systems, and he is embarking on a new project examining the ways that forms of so-called risky consumption are tracked and mediated by surveillance.

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College Student Journal, 40 3 Responsible gaming can be conceptualized as a late-modern governance strategy designed to regulate harms associated with institutionalization of gambling. Gambling attitudes of a sample of college students.

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Groupe de Consultation en Statistique.