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Skags can be difficult because they are armored and fast enough to avoid shots by sniper rifles, yet a marksman can still score a critical hit on one if the target stops to roar. Sniper rifles are very good against most enemies, although a few may present some problems.

Moonshiner's Shack This area is a small camp just south of the Dahlwell Oasis. Any enemies getting into melee range can also be troublesome and are generally eliminated more easily with closer ranged weapons.

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Lynchwood Station This area holds the waypoint to Lynchwood Station, and also takes place for the final mission in the Clan War missions. They tend to have high accuracy when sighted, and low accuracy when not sighted. Hodunk Speedway The Hodunk Speedway is a speedway circuit complete with a bridge in part of its twisting track.

This type of weapon does become useful against high numbers of Crimson Lance in open areas however.

With extremely high damage rates, a player can snipe at a group of enemies at a safe distance, methodically picking one enemy off after the other, however due to possible variations in the weapon and its capabilities most notably accuracysuccessfully hitting targets may be difficult to do from a safe distance.

Brickdespite being a close-combat specialist, is also the explosives expert, so equip an explosive sniper rifle in his enormous hands and watch the chunks fly. Stability only becomes a factor when sighting a sniper rifle, and it is measured in how fast the weapon stops swaying when first sighted, between shots, and when the user takes damage.

This article is about the weapon type.

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Corrosive sniper rifles make a passable weapon, with the downside that many targets would otherwise die to a single well-placed head shot, rendering the sustained corrosive damage effect somewhat pointless. Goose's Roost The Goose's Roost is a bandit camp surrounding the remnants of an old buzzard academy.

The higher the damage tuna roulette of a weapon, the faster the health of a target falls.

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Elemental sniper rifles can add a mixed bag of tricks to a sniper's arsenal, however the different classes and different styles of play have a significant impact on optimal choices. The area can only be reached by jumping a vehicle into it using one of the long, angled rock spires prevalent in the Dust. At this point the access road branches with a pair of old houses down one path and Boot Hill up the other.

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Roland is the general gun specialist, and as such can make almost as much use of sniper rifles as Mordecai; with skills and class mods that can increase damage, magazine size, rate of fire and recoil reduction. The visual blast effect is far less obtrusive than the other elemental damage forms, allowing for easier targeting, and the immediate blast works well in conjunction with the one-shot philosophy of sniping.

Incendiary sniper rifles do extremely high damage to non-shielded targets with the drawback that the fire effect can obscure critical hit locations, making precision targeting difficult.

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Sniper rifles may have low number values for their scope magnification, however their base magnification that the multiplier is applied to is the highest of all of the weapon types. Shock is helpful to whittle down enemy shields at long ranges, however in the hands of a Hunter, the Trespass skill decisively trumps a Shock sniper rifle's advantages, leaving Shock as a poor damage choice for this class.

It also holds a chest. Hunters with the Trespass skill will frequently eschew avoid elemental snipers. This area holds one chest. Additionally, there are skills and class mods that can increase general stats like damage, reload speed and recoil reduction.

The Berserker has skills and class mods that increase explosion damage, explosion chance, and area-of-blast damage. Contents [ show ] Borderlands Sniper Rifles are accurate, often scoped, heavy weapons with an extreme damage-per-bullet rate balanced by a low fire rate and small svenska spel roulette. Hunters also have a class mod specifically for the use of sniper rifles that augment critical strike damage, stability and accuracy, damage, and even provide sniper ammo regeneration.

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High accuracy numbers are valued for their ability to assist with precision targeting. There is even a Slot Machine in one of the half-buried shacks here. Explosive elemental sniper rifles cannot proc below x1, even when their tech pool is empty. There are also Bandit Technicals that patrol this area, making it hazardous for pedestrians if the nearby spiderants aren't threatening enough.

The base accuracy of the weapon is about online casino dealer very important. The Trespass skill in particular gives a Hunter a strong reason to avoid elemental damage altogether seeing as the elemental damage will have to deplete the shield, whereas a regular bullet will apply all of its damage to the target without the shield's impediment.

If, on the other hand, it's more desirable to use a Sniper Rifle at medium range, within enemy range, then all three of the aforementioned stats become a lot less important. Old Dahlwell Oasis This barren area contains various dilapidated shacks, several of which provide a home to bandits. Large magazines are useful in protracted engagements if targets are proving to be difficult to hit or tough enough to withstand multiple hits.

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This area contains a chest and a Vault Symbol. Be aware that the sniper rifle weapon proficiency does not add accuracy.