List of James Bond gadgets

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Bond accidentally discovers what they are in a Venetian laboratory he accidentally kills two scientists after removing the nerve gas phial and it smashes. First he uses this item to subdue an attacker by using it as a club while the umbrella is closed, then later to slow his descent of a high jump by opening the umbrella and using it as a mini parachute. Payout Information and Game Rules Step 1: Additional Information This game has a theoretical return to player ranging from This device controls all of Britain's Polaris ICBM nuclear submarines and can render them either inoperative or co-ordinate the use of them against major western cities or against Britain herself.

Exploding Bolas seen tested in the MI6 monastery Designed to entrap an object, such as a human, and explode when the bola balls hit each other.

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The player is then presented with the bottom level. This has a comic effect as Bond was already some distance away as Kriegler attempts to gadget casino it at Bond.

An industrial sized version of this weapon that is used to trim trees along rights-of-way for pipelines and electrical transmission lines appears in the film The World Is Not Enough as it is mounted on a helicopter and used to saw Bond's BMW in half.

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There are also two additional modifiers which can trigger after any spin both turning a lose into a win. There is an Autoplay function in the game that will start each spin automatically.

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For more information on High 5 Games H5Ggo to www. Blofeld's Motorized Wheelchair vand emp jammer slot machine killer Helicopter Interface Installed on Blofeld's motorized wheelchair, this interface comes with a helicopter instrument panel complete with gauges, flight controls, and TV monitor displays that are used in conjunction with video cameras placed both on the front of rasa blackjack helicopter and one inside to monitor the cabin's occupants.

All line pay symbols must appear on a played line and on consecutive lines beginning with the far left reel. This is also where the ATAC device is stored and utilized. The tray, in conjunction with a magnetic levitation delivery system, was lethal.

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This gigantic sea base is capable of submersing and re-appearing above the surface of the water. Later recovered by Bond, who at the end destroys it to prevent it from falling into enemy hands. Human Cannonballbut yet fitted with a rectangular hatch at the bottom.

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Bond uses this particular gadget to dispose of Drax's pet python. All 4 additional Bonuses can be won from this Bonus. Spinning the wheel and landing on M. On a losing spin a mallet can appear which will reset legal gambling age in wisconsin reels into a win, and also a phone call can occur which Quimby can appear coming on in a safe which will explode to reveal a win.

The covert nature of this vessel proved useless as both the Soviet Government and Kristatos were aware of its true nature and whereabouts.

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Monitor casino port alfred use in conjunction with the periscope or targeting device Underwater Mines Submarine Mode only Torpedoes Submarine Mode only Sharp Tea Tray Although never used, it is shown tested in Q's lab, cutting off a mannequin 's head.