Walker raises $13 million since January

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It'll be the highest cost per voter spent in the history of the nation in terms of the cost of persuading people. Walker has been able to raise so much because of the national appeal he developed with conservatives after his high-profile fight with labor unions and a quirk in Wisconsin law that allows unlimited fundraising while recalls are pending. The rest came from out of state.

But from the time recall petitions are taken out to the time a recall election is called, donors can give any amount.

Reports were due by midnight. Ryan, founder of the Ryan Specialty Group, a Chicago brokerage firm. On the left, the Greater Wisconsin Diane walker sands casino Fund is running an anti-Walker spot, and Wisconsin for Falk is running ads and sending mailers to boost Falk.

Two-thirds of Walker's money came from out of state. The donors and their money underscore how Walker's reputation has spread throughout conservative circles after he pushed through legislation last year stripping most public union workers of nearly all their bargaining rights.

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DeVos has been active in the school voucher movement, and Walker top slots android year expanded Milwaukee's voucher program and established a similar one in eastern Racine County.

It is also true that, at the end of the day, and until Walker makes it otherwise, money does not vote," Zielinski said. The Democrats had to follow the normal fundraising limits the whole time because they were not the targets of a recall.

In Walker's case, the first recall committee registered Nov. His stores of cash dwarf what his Democratic rivals have raised. He's spent the time crisscrossing the country, hob-knobbing with the wealthy and the famous. John Lehman, had not filed as of deadline. Kathleen Vinehout of Alma.

She did not immediately return messages left through her company spokeswoman. State Democratic Party spokesman Graeme Zielinski issued a statement calling Walker's totals "breathtaking. But Wisconsin law permits recall targets to collect unlimited donations from the day the first group registers with the state against them until the state Government Accountability Board schedules the elections.

Some other groups are able to mask their spending and fundraising.

Childs Associates; Warren A. His biggest donor was Diane M.

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AP — Wisconsin Gov. Her chief rival is Madison firefighter Mahlon Mitchell, but he had not filed his report as of 7 p. No fundraising limit was in place for Walker for about two-thirds of the period covered in the latest report.

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He was in Oklahoma last month, mingling with the corporate elite and top Republicans at a fundraiser co-sponsored by Koch Industries, the oil company led by billionaire brothers who are top backers of conservative causes nationwide. The fundraising reports for recall candidates were due with state elections officials Monday and run from Jan.

Such independent groups are operating in the recall election as well.

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Fitzgerald had not filed as of deadline. Childs, chief executive officer of Boston equity firm J.