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Far from simply adding a game extension to an existing movement, Girard-Perregaux decided to embark upon a completely new design. Perpetuating the pioneering spirit The Rolex Deepsea Challenge embodies all the heritage and technical and watchmaking know-how of a pioneering brand in wristwatches.

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It is manufactured by an entirely integrated watchmaker with unparalleled design, development and production capacities. Who thought that the precision of the greatest watchmaking complications could never harmonize with the uncertainty of games of chance?

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An experimental Oyster watch Rolex has developed and manufactured an exceptional experimental model for the dive: It also has other technical features of the Rolex Deepseasuch as a unidirectional rotatable minute graduated bezel with a Cerachrom insert in ceramic; a Chromalight display with long-lasting luminescence hands and hour markers ; a self-winding mechanical movement calibre with a para- magnetic blue Parachrom hairspring; and a solid-link Oyster bracelet fitted with an Oysterlock clasp with a safety catch and the Rolex Glidelock and Fliplock diving extension systems.

The new experimental watch is The experimental Rolex Deepsea Challenge perpetuates the adventure of the Oyster and the pioneering spirit of innovation that has forged the reputation of Rolex.

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When it has returned approximately two thirds of the way, it activates stoppers, which stop the reels one by one, and synchronically activates the striking mechanism. On that exploit, an experimental Oyster model, the Deep Sea Special, attached to the hull accompanied the Trieste into the abyss.

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To attain this prowess, the challenges were numerous: This intricate three-piece case architecture, developed and patented by Rolex, features a highly resistant nitrogen- alloyed stainless steel support ring as the backbone of the watch.

The magic of the game is set in motion by pulling the handle on the right side of the case. The three reels spin and then stop randomly on one of the possible five symbols, while a hammer strikes a gong, producing the happy chime reminiscent of the gaming machines in a casino.

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Human adventure and technological innovation This watch bears witness in a spectacular way to the privileged ties that link Rolex blackjack 53 yacht exploration in general and to the underwater world in particular.

The technology that breathes life into this unique wonder has nothing to do with chance. The whole gaming machine is operating by a rack, which starts and stops the reels and activates the chimes. Dare we wager that lovers of games of chance will not be the only people to fall under its spell?

The Rolex Deepsea Challenge perpetuates a story combining human adventure and technology, innovation and the constant pursuit of excellence.

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Its design is based on the Ringlock System case architecture of the Rolex Deepsea. The expedition aims to reach and explore the deepest point in the oceans at a depth of about 11, metres 36, feet in the Mariana Trench Pacific Ocean.

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An adventure punctuated with exceptional moments, some of which have entered the annals of history, when Rolex watches have proven their mettle under extreme conditions by accompanying men and women in their quest for the absolute. It reached the record depth of 10, metres 35, feetreturning to the surface in perfect working order, a feat that remains unrivalled to this day.

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For this exceptional watch, destined to be worn on the wrists of a privileged few, the concentration on detail involved an intricate choice of the symbols. Slot machine mechanism The handle on the side of the case is connected to a rack. Out of the combinations, only one represents the jackpot: Girard-Perregaux merges these two worlds in one exclusive Haute Horlogerie model of unexpected complexity.

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At a depth of 15, metres, the load exerted on the crystal is 17 tonnes Its spirit and the real-life circumstances for which it was developed echo the approach adopted for the Rolex experimental Deep Sea Special model, which in accompanied the bathyscaphe Trieste on its record descent to a depth of 10, metres 35, feet at the bottom of the Mariana Trench.

In this example, the Manufacture combines its art with the pleasure of an exclusive object of amusement.

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For the first time, a watch combines a Tourbillon and a slot machine equipped with a striking mechanism in perfect proportion with the Vintage case. Placed inside the middle case made of L stainless steel superalloy, it supports a On the gold reels, hollowed out and then delicately lacquered, the suits of spades, hearts, diamonds, horseshoes and the famous bells, appear at random.

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