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High payouts and limited risks - the unique advantage of fixed-odds trading.

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Company Fixed Odds Capital Malta Ltd specializes on online games and on exchange quotations has opened site Bet On Markets for amateurs do bets and to play on real money. The Bottom Line Gambling tendencies run far deeper than most people initially perceive and well beyond the standard definitions.

Hidden Gambling Tendencies

Fixed-odds financial Bet On Markets is an innovative concept whereby you can speculate charity shop roulette the movement of the financial markets safe in the knowledge that your losses are limited to your premium, i.

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Trading Center Want to learn how to invest? Yet getting caught up in the "idea" of trading, the excitement, or emotional highs free casino slots for android phone lows is likely to detract from acting in a systematic and methodical way. Holding losing positions after original entry conditions have changed or turned negative for the trade means the trader is now gambling and no longer using sound trading methods if they ever were.

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This is especially common when large numbers of people are talking about investing in the markets often during the final phase of a bull market. The stock continues to fall, placing basket roulette fille in a negative position. After all, why trade if you can't win?

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Gambling Trading for Excitement Even a losing trade can stir emotions and a sense of power or satisfaction, especially when related to social proofing. Making some trades to appease social forces is not gambling in and of itself if people actually know what they are doing.

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In other words, when you buy a fixed-odds bet from Bet On Markets, you are entitled to receive a payout, which is a fixed multiple of the amount you have staked. Thus, trade on a site is similar to rates on horse jumps, only here you do rates on jumps of the markets. Hidden Gambling Tendencies It is quite likely that anyone who believes they don't have gambling tendencies will not happily admit to having them if it turns out they are in fact acting on gambling impulses.

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This may or may not be true based on the individual. Social Proofing Some people may not even have an interest in trading or investing in the financial marketsbut social pressure induces them to trade or invest anyway.

Contributing Gambling Factors

This service offers you the ability to customize your own Bet On Markets terms by entering expiry dates and barrier levels into the Web site, which will then calculate the payouts of your bets in real-time. In this article, we will look at the hidden ways in which gambling creeps into trading practices, as well as the stimulus that may drive an individual to trade and possibly gamble in the first place.

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Delivered twice a week, straight to your inbox. Before any bet is placed, the trader knows the entire possible downside as well as the exact possible profit. Fixed Odds differ from trade on Forex.

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Trading to win seems like the most obvious reason to trade. Are you investing or gambling?

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Not having to win on every trade and taking losses when conditions indicate they should is what allows them to be profitable over many trades.