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I was a plus 2 and I played mini-tours for a while.

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We also stock a large selection from major brands including Titleist, Callaway, Srixon and Nike which you can purchase personalised or plain. If you need larger quantities of coloured golf balls, please browse our coloured logo golf balls page.

Watch a video from Jack With the introduction of this golf ball, we have created one more vehicle to help children in need. Seriously, the well kept ball should be fine to play with.

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Text or logos printed onto darker coloured golf balls will always see best results printed in white and for lighter coloured golf balls we would best results with black or navy. If you have any questions about how your design will look on a coloured ball, please get in touch. If you have that great of a concern with them, then dont use them during a tournament, but for recreation only Low Handicap Golfer: Because we use a different printing process for logo orders we are able to offer a wider range of colours.

For fun, take a range ball onto course and compare. The comparisaon you make is foolish! Ever been to the driving range, and no matter what club you hit, 4 iron to wedge, they all seem to travel the same distance?


Perhaps that s why I can t seem to get my handicap down; or for that matter, my putter up. A golf ball takes between and years to decompose. Range balls are hit hundreds if not thousands of times, run thru a cleaning machine and hit again.

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By focusing on selling Nicklaus golf balls through the Internet at a recommended price instead of a fixed price, Jack is able to make the game more accessible and also give back. I don't know if he's hitting limited flight golf balls, but he's definitely a limited intelligence player.

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To that end, Keith is spot on. We have recently added a large number of matte finish golf balls from blackjack golf balls such as Callaway and TaylorMade, these are proving ever popular giving even more visibility than the standard coloured balls Design For a Coloured Background If you decide to personalise a coloured golf ball, we are now able to print white.

None of those guys hit 5-iron that far, much less a 10 handicap. But his standard, his wedge should go I have some really old callaways lying around i could still easily playthem Mid Handicap Golfer: Not only that, but range balls are typically stored At PGA events, the range balls are new Titleists to match the course balls the pros may use.

Same with a pitching wedge. Normally with Pro V1's, I have a range of toat the range, lucky to get yds. CashMan Is the Treo manufactured any more?? Nicklaus Black - For those who play from the back tees Nicklaus Blue - For those who play from the middle tees Nicklaus White owl eyes slots For those who play from the forward tees Watch Jack explain the 3-tee concept.

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Watch a video from Jack Throughout his life, Jack has worked to make the game of golf more accessible to people around the world and to give back to those in need. They are likely to be hit off of various equipment, run over by mowers, etc.

Design For a Coloured Background

The performance is the same, all that's different is improved visibility. Please choose from the following categories: We have extended our range of coloured golf balls including our own non branded golf ball range.

Bubba Watson hits a 5 iron I factor in the difference from 'range distance' to 'course distance. I think the Mid Handicap Golfer: