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Uno de tantos logros del castrismo This article is reprinted with the permission of mi-habana. Alsowe used to go to Boca Ciegawhich was free.

In Mexico, they frisk foreigners before letting them enter the temple, because there have been bomb threats and other acts of violence and Israel is a battle field. However, others fared better, and by bribing the proper authorities, were able to settle in peace and even prosper. The community now numbers around members.

Is there any way to keep posting photos to Google Earth and Google Maps? And the funny part is that anybody with a non-English accent became a Polaco, this included Germans, French, Hungarians, Turks, etc. De este triste destino se salvaron, con mejor suerte, los asignados a algunas instituciones gubernamentales especiales, tanto civiles como militares.

And settle they did, and many prospered, of course, in the garment industry. What I found was a small group of people, mostly pensioners, whose life evolves around the Adath Israel Synagogue. Exactamente cero, porque estaba incluido en una tarifa mensual de 3 pesos que cubria la clinica y que daba derecho a disfrutar del balneario.

Jewish or not, they were all Polacos, and all equally accepted. The first trial of the Inquisition in Havana was against a Jew, Francisco Gomez de Leon, executed in Cartagena, after, of course, confiscating his large fortune, which without doubt was the cause of his persecution.

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Cubans come in as guests. The City Historian, in an effort to preserve an important part of our cultural heritage is trying to refurbish the original synagogue in Old Havana, which ironies of life was located in Inquisidor Inquisitor Street, but the living force of the community, the people, are mostly gone.

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Aqui les dejo algunas curiosidades: As all Spaniards were Gallegos, whether they came from Galitzia or Barcelona. But they do seem to be en route to disappearing in the near future as they are located in an area in which a lot of real state development is going on.

The only time in their history in Cuba in which they experienced violence against them or their temples was during the Gulf War, when Arab students hurled stones at the windows of the Adath Israel Synagogue. Clubs were very important to the resident of Havana. Tobacco continues to be an important industry for the country.

For some reason or another, Cubans decided to call Jews, Poles Polacos. Most are now a ruinlike everything in Cuba. How long was it opened to the public? And now, like many other young Cubans, he decided to emigrate.

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They have been happily I think married for many years and have two children, the son who went to Israel and a daughter who works as an Engineer for a successful Cuban corporation. Jews brought the sugar cane from Madeira to Brazil and from there to the Antilles.

You can view and manage photos by signing in to Google Maps and accessing the Contributions screen from the main menu. We used to go to La Conchawhich was public and you only had to pay a small fee to use the facilitiesclean and respectable. Materials and ready made clothes were the main offerings.

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This was no financial emporium but a street completely lined with shops, each doorway a shop, most of them owned by Jews. I remember, as a child, walking down Muralla Street in old Havana. They are not able to support a resident rabbi, so marriages and Bar Mitzvah must wait for a visitor.

If your Panoramio photos were appearing in Google Maps with the name of your Google Account, then they will continue to appear along with their original view counts. The Cuban Jewish community had a short history, but it made important contributions in all fields of life: Frequented by the famous and elite of Havana prior to the Castro revolution and then became government-owned and opened to the public.

Unfortunately it is now disappearing. En un proceso acelerado, digno de mejor causa, pasaron de la opulencia a la miseria.