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I dunked this saddle three of four times and applied mink oil to no avail.

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I use the wider mm model. Since I spend about half my miles using aerobars most of my training is soloperhaps a time trial saddle might be better.

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Later that summer, during my annual k miles in 3 daysI used my Ti frame with the GB saddle was also in pain, pointing to the Ti frame as the culprit, not necessary the saddle.

I have used the GB on only one or two rides where it rained for a few hours and have not noticed any ill affects. I believe the fabric of my shorts was grabbing the texture of this saddle, causing some chafing on my right side. I remember smiling roulette standard 46 mm nylon as I climbed the last long hilly stretch toward the finish, tired from testing myself roulette standard 46 mm nylon, but my crotch content.

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Early in I received a new design from Rivet — saddle without a slot, but with the other Rivet advantages. I rode the Route 66half of it with the fast guys, and it gave me zero problems. At the end of the day I got some long red lines from the edges of the saddle on my legs and buttocks.

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Richard 2 June at 6: In May of Casino jack altyazili izle got a professional bike with a physical therapist a topic for a future blog post and he determined that my bike fit and cleat shimming was spot on. Saddle 23 Brooks Cambium C15, 8 out of I have measured mine several times, using a piece of cardboard which I find works better than the foam pad recommended by Specialized in the prior link and have found them to be mm apart.

It never became a problem and I never used the strap for the rest of the summer.

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GB advertises their saddle as being waterproof, so I am curious why you commented that it is constantly vulnerable to water being leather. I rubbed it down with GB wax top and bottom, let is soak overnight, wiped it off, then rode.

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It uses a bulky proprietary mast aka seatpost that rubbed inside the sides of the leather and against the inside of my legs. Looking at the above photo of the mm-wide saddle, you can see that leaves little room for any rear-end soft tissue to rest.

For me, it did provide a nice platform to sit, but I had chafing issues because of the sharper edge of a flat saddle. That worried me, as that was my biggest complaint regarding that model. During the summer of they sent me a mm wide model to try out. Painting on shellac to the C Both of the latter are moderately priced —mm saddles and have a subtle, but not a super-pronounced of a cut out.

The folks that distribute my all-time favorite aerobars, Syntace, now distribute a new brand of saddles called SQLab, also designed in Germany.

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I weight lbs. West Texas Cycling Assoc. The rails on the Brooks, unlike the GB, raise the leather up more, thus preventing this problem.

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This is because those models have a rigid crescent-shaped frame in jumpin jalapenos slot machine online rear, so ideally your sit bones need to nest between the frame edges, not ON top of it unless you consistently sit slightly forward on your saddles.

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Jan Heine of Bicycle Quarterlypublished a glowing review of one of their new saddles in the Spring issue of his magazine. They offer 2 or 3 different rails which should have no bearing on comfort. I been using this on many k brevets and have found very comfortable, every since I have shimmed up both of my cleats. Bill 27 May at 7: It has been my experience that a B will flex slightly like you GB saddle does.