Build a Real-Time Scheduling App Using AngularJS and Firebase

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Let's plug in Angular and Firebase so we have real data now. Select the default Details view on the schedule board for bookings that are not linked to work orders. You can modify the data shown here. This helps you easily identify an inventory adjustment from other data in the system.

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Now that we monte casino maps that roulette reich geworden URL, we can connect to our application from within our Angular code. This helps you easily identify agreements from other data in the system. We will create an Angular function to create the data and then point our Reset button to that function.

These are the dates that the system will generate a work order record, if the auto generate work order is set to Yes. You just have to worry about the frontend part of your application.

We morning call sands casino use ng-disabled to disable the checkbox after it has been booked and also ng-if to show the word Booked or Available. Creating the Connection To create the Firebase to Angular connection is very easy. You can click on this to get to the backend dashboard for your application.

What is Firebase

Set up customer agreements Generate invoices dates X months in advance Field Service agreements generate invoice dates based on the agreement invoice setup recurrence schedule. We will use the three-way data-binding method for this application.

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This setting determines how many months in advance the system will generate booking date records. Entity number length Enter the number of digits the entity numbers will be.

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CSS Let's go into our style. Everything is already wired to work! You can see the left side is the actual application where we can book times.

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Turn on auto geocoding Product cost order Select the order for product cost. Firebase provides a library specific to Angular called AngularFire. Custom GPS latitude field Shows the logical name of the latitude to be used for geo locations.

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Let's use Angular's ng-repeat to loop through this object and display our days and time slots.