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You'll find headphone and microphone jacks on the front, along with a pair of USB 3. Installing the System Fan Place the system-fan in the chassis. I can remember when I was helping to review a Sony A with 24MP raw files, and I was shocked at how much trouble they were to process and view on an older desktop I had with a CPU about the same speed as your laptop's; even though that machine worked OK with 12MP raw files from my older Sony A LR5 taxes a system even more than the older LR3 release, too.

If you don't need workstation-grade ISV certification for number crunching and graphics arts work, the Optiplex will do nicely. All of these features and performance help the Dell Optiplex Micro earn our Editors' Choice for midrange business desktops.

You'll see that code this page linked to in my first post to this thread. After Working Inside Your Computer. The Optiplex models from their business lineup like that have much better build quality than the consumer line, too Inspiron, XPS, etc. The memory sockets in your computer may be labeled differently depending on the hardware configuration.

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Despite its diminutive form, the Optiplex offers all the connectivity you'd expect from a business PC. Way back in when I visited my first Las Vegas casino, I didn't actually realise it was going to be the first of many pilgrimages.

Using a DisplayPort splitter and the built-in VGA port, you can support up to three displays, a perfect setup for mutlitaskers or users who need to assimilate a lot of data quickly.

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Great For Desk-centric task workers who conduct basic computing with minimal need for speed, connectivity or support in business or education setting. Below are the links to all of the free slots I've added: Connect the data and power cables to the back of the hard drive.

But, all populated channels must have identical configurations. Pass the grommets through the chassis and slide outward along the groove to secure it in place. Look at the original size of this new screen capture click on the original size link beneath it and note how I have the boxes checked on the left side Optiplexnot the Optiplex AIO ; Mini Tower checked in the forum factor section: Great For Desk-centric and remote task workers or institutional collaborators who need a desktop that optiplex 9020 slots deliver the business-critical features they expect.

Flex the hard-drive bracket and remove the hard drive from the bracket.

Then, press the grommets inward along the slots and pass through the chassis.