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I am getting to the point of coming to terms with just no hope in sight. Larger and larger increments of money.

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I stayed at the casino for cadence slot nights, sleeping in my vehicle, wearing the same clothes for four days. I could give a million stories about the roads I travled in the 33 years that came after that magical ball landed on a color for the first time, but we all have our War stories, and while they are all different, they are still the same.

I came home that night and could not sleep and I lied in bed with so much energy and a warm feeling like a heat flash: This is a true story of two friends of mine, who both planned their suicides down to the last detail and thankfully, both survived.

I have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

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I am now attemding GA meetings and put myself on the exclusion list at the local casino. Bea Aikens Voices of Recovery 0 I am a 53 year old woman who never expected to be in this situation.

As I yawned and played a game that was so simple yet bored me to tears.

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Despite the horrible ravages of addiction on the portrayed gambler, never is casino geant la roseraie angers courses en ligne any mention or example of GA, therapy, rehab or any hopeful intervention at all.

I need help because I feel if my life is over. This is where this addiction took me.

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Rewind two years ago and I had never gambled a day in my life and thought that anyone who gambled was wasting their time and money. I went there on occasion with my family, but I never found it to be much fun. I stayed at the fair all day running from room to room begging relatives for quarters.

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Bea Aikens BlogVoices of Recovery 2 My name is Nancy and I am a year-old woman who has the most wonderful man in her life and two terrific boys who are 10 and 4. I had a gambling problem for over 20 years. I would borrow from friends if they won.

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Mary, a 60 year old psychologist became so depressed with her inability to stop gambling, an activity that was consuming her every moment and thought, that she had to stop seeing patients because she no longer cared about their problems.

I wish I could jump ahead a year stadium blackjack house edge see how my life ends up. Very sad, unintelligent and moreover detrimental to progress in brining Recovery into the light. Every year was bigger and better!

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I would lay in bed thinking about how I would cover money I just lost. But I did it. To stay in Action.

I knew I had a gambling problem. Finally I answered a texted that I was in a casino, they begged me to just come home. I took a quarter and picked a color, I would of been better off shooting myself with a gun, because then at least I would of had some chance of surviving. So I would leave the casino, go to a nearby bank and withdraw money.

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Maxing all of my credit cards and emptying every account I had. That was the catalyst.